Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dorian Sosa 3D type crit

For my 3D type I have two different ideas that I plan to go with.

The first one is a meant as a reflection on the subversive associations we make out of words and images and the double meaning that we can create when combining seemingly innocent words and objects. For this I will use lollipops to spell the words 'suck' or 'suck it' (I am not sure which one yet) and take pictures as the candy is slowly unwrapped to create sexually awkward  undertones.

The second idea is to carve black letters with offensive or hurtful words that we might use to talk about people behind their backs. I plan to make masks out of the words and use them to cover the faces of different individuals, reducing them to one of these single words in the eyes of the beholder, as a commentary on the stereotypes and prejudices we can make about other people. (I might use this for another class project I have on stereotypes, so I am not sure if I will go with it for this class as well)

I don't have any images yet, but will soon.

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