Monday, June 10, 2013

Dorian Sosa, 3D type final (gif)

For the final I made my pictures into a gif, showing how the lollipops are slowly unwrapped and revealing a final message as a surprise. My concept its to comment in the meaning and symbols that we place upon images as we grow up. The message comments on the loss of innocence by playing with the lollipops and bright colors, usually associated with kids and childhood in general, and giving them a subversive twist by spelling a 'dirty' message, or a rude phrase. At the same time, the phrase 'suck it up' its a reminder of what adulthood is, or what you are expected to do as your life becomes more entangled with responsibilities, this phrase signifies the end of childhood in contrast to the colorful and playful lollipops. This message can be interpreted in many different ways by the viewer, either humorously, sexually, or even offensive, it depends on the audience and the social constructions they give to the image and the words.

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