Monday, June 10, 2013

Leung - 3D Type Final

Well in the end I had to completely change my concept for what the type would represent. I had been searching around my apartment for objects to be used, when I realized just how many books I had acquired through the years. Following this, I remembered that we were going to have a library opening soon in our neighborhood and I decided to do a refresher for those old READ posters that used to hang around everywhere. I initially added in serifs to the letters so that they would take up a little more space (seen in the top photo), but as I adjusted the piece I came to like the san-serif look of the typeface even more. The separation and placement of the individual letters in the final two shots are used to add to the unsettled character of the piece, pushing the typographic form and reader to a certain extent. I had really hoped to create a aesthetically pleasing book typeface project, as I had never really seen one made from the spines of books (only the tops and bottoms of pages). Hopefully you guys like the finished product!

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